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A magazine that explores the world one trip at a time.


Welcome to the Winter 2020 issue of Wanderous Affair magazine! While this year has certainly been one for the books and has taken a tremendous toll on the travel industry, it has been the perfect year to share our stories of past adventures. In doing so, we can plan for the journeys we will take when we return to a new normal. While we must stay put for now, we never have to stop dreaming about the days post-COVID, when we can continue exploring our world once again.


In this quarter's release, our contributors have shared their favourite international locations to travel to. By reading tales of these adventures, you will find yourselves in the snowy mountaintops of Norway, watching endangered orangutans in the rainforests of Indonesia, soaking up the sun in culture-rich Costa Rica... But that's just the beginning.


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Wanderous Affair: Volume 3, Issue 3 (digital download)

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