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The Best Gifts for Female Travellers

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Whether it's for a birthday, graduation, or even "just because," we've got your covered on gift-giving in 2020. Check your favourite lady off your list by purchasing one of these incredible products!

Though the holidays are now over, there are still plenty of reasons to give a gift to the travelling females in your life — birthdays, graduations, or even "just because"! To help you make the shopping experience infinitely easier for you, we've compiled a list of our favourite products on the market today, intended to bring love and light in the spirit of gift-giving.

The products below are listed in alphabetical order, by company name.

The lovely Delicate Laurel thank you cards, embossed with gold foil. Photo courtesy of Basic Invite.

Basic Invite

With almost unlimited colours to choose from (plus various foiling options), over 40 different coloured envelopes to pair your stationary with, and an ability to create custom samples, there are countless reasons to turn to Basic Invite for your next present. Gifting cards, envelopes, and stickers customized with the receiver's name is an ideal way for them to keep in touch with the friends they meet abroad. It's both meaningful and personal.

Though Basic Invite has all the stationary that you could want to give to your favourite traveller, they also offer a variety of paper products for other occasions. Whether you're looking for wedding, graduation, or baby shower invitations, 'thank you' cards, or sticker seals for a given event, they've got you covered.

Right now Basic Invite is offering an enticing 15% off, with coupon code 15FF51. There's no better time to purchase your lucky recipient their stationary than today!

Wanderous Affair staff picks:

The Birdcage 1, used by Her Majesty the Queen, pictured in black. Photo courtesy of Fulton Umbrellas.

Fulton Umbrellas

Do you have someone in your life who deserves to be treated like a queen? You should get her a Fulton umbrella!

Established in London 1956, the family-owned company is the United Kingdom's and Canada's largest supplier of umbrellas. The company is so prestigious in quality that their products are frequently used by the royal family! Indeed, they hold a royal warrant to Her Majesty the Queen herself and, previously, to Her Majesty the Queen Mother. However, you don't have to be of royal lineage to make the most of the rainy weather.

Travellers can pack their sturdy rain gear, made of high-quality materials, to make even the wettest of days an enjoyable one. After all, though you unfortunately cannot choose the weather that you will face while on the trip of a lifetime, you can select the products you will bring along with you to help make the most of your time.

Wanderous Affair staff picks:

Keepsake's medium-sized "Beacon" frame, featuring an image I captured in Capo Vaticano, Italy.


We've all been there — captured the most beautiful photo, worthy of being displayed in a picture frame to be admired by everyone entering the room. For people who travel a lot, this has never been more true. After all, with so many photos taken while on the adventure of a lifetime, it's easy to accumulate a photographic story to go along with it.

Keepsake helps make the process of framing incredibly simple, from start to handcrafted finish. You can download their app and order directly from your phone (that's what we did here at Wanderous Affair), or drag and drop your favourite photos to upload onto their website. Either way, you are given a plethora of options both in sizing and frame styles, all of which give you the perfect opportunity to help your favourite traveller share their holiday memories with friends and family alike.

Want $10 off your purchase? Use the code INFO384! It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Wanderous Affair staff picks:

  • Medium frame "Beacon" ($59 CAD or $59 USD)

  • Medium frame "Sojourn" ($49 CAD or $45 USD)

  • Small frame "Troubadour," in gold ($35 CAD or $25 USD)

The Alpha Dress, pictured in Bring it on Black. Photo courtesy of Laws of Motion.

Laws of Motion

Every female has been there — trying to figure out how many outfits are truly necessary to bring on a trip, be is a short or long-haul adventure. When space is limited, they typically have to decide between style and comfort, casual and dressy. Thankfully, Laws of Motion is here to help solve this dilemma once and for all. There is only one choice: the Alpha Dress!

With 99 microsizes (yes, you read that correctly!), you can be sure that this LBD is one that you will rock in every city that you visit. Because it'll be in size... YOU! Not only can their dresses be spiced up for a more formal night out with heels and statement jewellery, they can also be dressed down with a pair of flats and a sunhat for a walk around the city. Though unfortunately, as of right now, the company only ships within the USA, they will hopefully be making their way to Canada (and worldwide, for that matter) in the future!

Looking for another colour? No worries. Laws of Motion also offers the Alpha Dress in red and navy, all tailored to the dimensions of your body.

Wanderous Affair staff pick:

The Linear Earrings, pictured in gold. Photo courtesy of Lota & Chain.

Lota & Chain

If you are seeking statement pieces that pay tribute to the femininity of the gift's receiver, look no further. Whether you're considering earrings fashioned into the shape of a woman's body or a dainty ring to wear on a night out, Lota & Chain has you covered. Their plethora of stunning products can draw attention to the piece and its wearer. From glass, resin, and faux pearl accents (yes, they're vegan-friendly!), there are styles and colours for every person's preferred tastes.

Though the company is based out of Australia and the United States, they thankfully ship their stunning jewellery across the globe. In fact, the more of a given item that you purchase, the greater the discount your receive! This means that you can check off more than one traveller from your list.

So, are you thinking about placing an order? You can use the code WANDEROUS10 for an additional 10% off your purchase! Talk about making a great thing even more exciting.

Wanderous Affair staff picks:


"Ocean Songs" Aquamarine Bracelet. Photo courtesy of Stones and Roses.

Stones and Roses

Not only are these bracelets ideal for protection against certain negative energies while welcoming in positive ones, they're a stunning addition to any woman's daily jewellery set. Stones and Roses was conceived by Natalia Lafortune, who hand-makes these gemstone jewellery pieces while infusing them with positive intentions. This was rooted in her findings of how "gemstone jewellery help people who are trying to conceive," but slowly began to expand beyond this single notion.

Today, Natalia offers a plethora of stunning bracelets for both men and women (yes, even the men on your gifting list can benefit from her hand-crafted pieces!). From the travelling protection stones that our team absolutely adores, featuring aquamarine and malachite, to stones to help manifest love, emotional well-being, and passion for life, Stones and Roses has you covered on all fronts.

We recommend doubling (or even tripling) up on your favourite pieces, stacking them on your wrist for whatever things you are seeking to welcome into your heart or while on your next adventure.

Wanderous Affair staff picks:


Clearly, giving an incredibly thoughtful gift to you favourite female traveller doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, with the list of amazing products that we've listed above, it becomes simple to decide on how you will brighten someone's day. Whether it's for a birthday, the holidays, or 'just because,' these are sure-fire ways to bring a smile to the receiver's face.

Which of these products would you love to give away? Or how about to buy for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!





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