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Skydiving in Cyprus

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

After considering skydiving for many years, traveller and adventurist Lusine Mirzoyan took a literal leap of faith by trying out this extreme sport in Cyprus.

Skydiving was always on my bucket list, but it took a long time before I was ready to finally do it. Previously, I had tried my luck in scuba diving, windsurfing, ziplining, and parasailing; it was the jump out of the plane in Cyprus though, that will stay in my mind forever. My advice to you is to listen to your gut instinct – that inner voice in your head – and make sure that you’re ready to do it. The fear can potentially be there forever, but being emotionally prepared for the jump is the important step you need to embark on this wild adventure.

I am neither a lover of extreme sports, nor an adrenaline junkie. I simply love trying new things to discover my own potential while exploring the world. I wish I realized earlier that our life is about the moments that take our breath away, that it’s about memories that we must create for ourselves.

Cyprus Parachute Association was a great choice for my tandem jump. Their team consists of highly qualified professionals, and this was clear from the beginning. We received proper training on how the jump would play out and they reminded us of everything again while we were in the plane. They explained all possible scenarios and emphasized that we should at no point during the fall attempt to grab the instructors’ hands or legs. At the end of the day, we paid them to allow us the chance to jump out of a plane (how exhilarating is that?!).

Our aircraft was climbing to 12,000 feet. I didn’t feel any fear at that point, as the breath-taking view of Larnaca and Agia Napa below us was absolutely magnificent. My instructor checked the last details and the skydivers did their customary handshakes before exiting the plane.

And then they started jumping out like some kind of suicide squad.

That’s when I thought: “Oh my God, what am I doing?” I had a co-jumper record a video of the whole thing (which you can see for yourself here).

The next thing I remember were intense speeds, strong winds, the earth going upside down, and the sea and sky becoming one. It was freedom, flying like a bird. It was life!

Soon after, the instructor opened a small white chute used to slow down the fall; it had been explained to us earlier that this is done mostly for the cameraman to be able to record us. Even though this small parachute decreased the speed of the free fall, I could still feel the speed and strong winds blowing all around me.

The main parachute finally opened, and I was taken all the way up. This second part of skydiving was so calm and relaxing. At this point, I was allowed to take my goggles off as we were gliding in the air over the beautiful island. It was so quiet and peaceful up there, so much so that I didn’t want to return to the ground, but the instructor made a few smooth turns and we began our descent.

Then we landed. It was over.

I was overwhelmed with happiness, overflowing emotions, and the desire to do it all again. Maybe one day I will, despite wanting to keep this first-timer bliss for as long as possible. Next time you are in Cyprus, consider striking skydiving off of your bucket list at Kingsfield Parachute Centre in Dhekelia. In my opinion, each and every person in the world must experience this thrill at least once in their life.


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