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Get Away Without a Journey: How to Plan a Staycation of Your Dreams

Unwind and explore your city with the perfect staycation! From cozy home retreats to local adventures, learn how to plan a staycation of your dreams.

In a world where hustle and bustle often dominate our lives, the concept of a staycation offers a refreshing alternative. With many vacations planned this season, it is understandable why one may feel left out; however, the perfect staycation can make for an excellent substitute, eliminating the stress of planning, packing, and coordinating an international holiday and inviting opportunities for new experiences. Depending on your interests and budget, deciding to plan a staycation instead can be tailored to help you unwind and explore your own community.

Though many are gearing up for vacations abroad post-pandemic, we are here to prove the vastness of your city and help you find activities that will help you blend leisure, discovery, and adventure on a perfect staycation.

Plan a Staycation: Selecting Your Accommodations

The cornerstone of every staycation is the location. There are a variety of options to consider, ranging from creating an oasis in your own home to reserving a nearby hotel or vacation rental for a change of environment. 

To enhance the vacation experience at home, take time to tidy and dust your space, make the bed and change the sheets, remove any clutter, and perhaps light a candle. A clean space provides a clear mind, which will help you feel relaxed. For those seeking a more dramatic change of scenery, renting a vacation home offers a range of exciting, affordable possibilities, including a cozy lodge in the woods, a charming cottage by the sea, a chic city apartment, or a peaceful countryside dwelling. Alternatively, reserving a suite in a nearby hotel for one or two nights can offer a feeling of luxury and retreat. To enhance your experience without the bother of travel, several hotels offer unique packages for those on staycations that include spa credits, dining vouchers, or complementary activities.

Relaxing and Indulging

A staycation offers the opportunity to pamper yourself and recharge. Spend some time at a local wellness centre or spa, treating yourself to cosmetic services like massages, facials, manicures, saunas, or fitness classes

If visiting the spa isn't your style, experiment with DIY facials, bubble baths, and meditation sessions in the comfort of your own home. With cozy robes, calming music, and candles, you can turn your living space into a sanctuary for utter repose.

Exploring Nearby Attractions

Finding hidden treasures and places to visit is a hallmark of the staycation experience. Look out for nearby historical sites, museums, galleries, and gardens you've intended to visit but never had time to. Many cities provide guided tours or excursions that offer an understanding of the history and culture of the area. Most cities also run seasonal experiences such as markets, painting classes, and sporting experiences that can be enjoyed solo, in groups, or with the family. Hiking paths, parks, and picturesque overlooks also provide potential for outdoor exploration for those who love the outdoors.

Culinary Adventures

Discovering the regional cuisine scene is another delightful way to make the most of your holiday. Grab fresh supplies from a farmers' market and prepare a gourmet meal at home, or treat yourself to takeout from a highly recommended restaurant that has been on your list. Often, breakfast restaurants and cafés are overlooked, but a staycation is the perfect opportunity to visit these spots, as well. 

For a hands-on culinary experience, consider taking a cooking class or hosting a themed dinner party with friends and family. Experiment with new recipes and flavours to create memorable meals together.

Leisure and Entertainment

Whether you're a movie buff, fitness enthusiast, or avid crafter, a staycation brings opportunities for hobbies and activities catered to your interests.

Organize a marathon screening of your most cherished movies or indulge in a mind-blowing new series in the comfort of your living room. For a full movie experience, set up a comfortable screening area with blankets, popcorn, and themed snacks. If you're an active person, consider participating in outdoor sports like cycling, yoga, or kayaking in the park. Follow up your workout with a well-deserved treat at a local cafe and enjoy the bliss of fresh coffee right in your community.

Staycationers are also encouraged to pursue a hobby such as crafting or gardening, which are rewarding as they serve as creative outlets and allow new products to be produced.

Retail Therapy

Take advantage of a day off to indulge in a shopping experience by visiting nearby boutiques, antique stores, or malls. Treat yourself to a new wardrobe staple, unique artwork, or artisanal goods that capture the essence of your staycation experience.

The Joy of Doing Nothing

Above all, remember that a staycation is about relaxation and enjoyment, so give yourself permission to unplug and embrace the simple pleasures of downtime. Whether reading a book in your backyard hammock, savouring a warm beverage, sleeping in, or stargazing under the night sky, take time to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. It's what the Italians call dolce far niente, and they're definitely onto something.

Taking even one day to rejuvenate your spirit through a staycation will enrich your life greatly and help you feel at a better pace with the often overwhelming pace of life. Whether you prefer luxurious pampering, outdoor adventure, or cultural exploration, the perfect staycation is within reach, waiting to be discovered right where you live.



Marysa Nicholson
Marysa Nicholson
Jul 05

Great way to enjoy downtime, but stay nearby and not spend a ton of money. We've never tried a staycation, and I'll have to think about doing this.


Jul 04

These are wonderful ideas for a staycation, They are great for those who cannot travel abroad, have limited budget or time as these breaks can be done in a day or two also. Further more our home country have so many wonder places waiting to be explored.


Rosey Marie
Rosey Marie
Jul 04

It's nice to change the scenery a bit, or revisit your area with new eyes. Sometimes things tourists love to see we don't even go visit because we take them for granted.

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