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The Best Travel Clothes to Bring When Moving Abroad

Updated: Jun 5

Let's talk about the best travel clothes to pack when moving abroad. From versatile pieces to durable essentials, make sure you're ready for any adventure!
5 stray dogs propping themselves up on a short, crumbling wall in the desert, watching a caravan of camels walk toward the pyramids in Giza.

…Wait, travel clothes for moving abroad?

It’s true. I’ll be moving to Europe for 13 months this summer (I’ll explain more in the coming weeks), visiting some of my favourite countries in the world, as well as finding new places to explore. However, in doing so, this means that I have to be ready for all of these adventures. If you know me, you know I like to be prepared for everything. I mean everything—all weather, all occasions, all locations.

The good news is that I’ve come a long way from packing my entire life into a large suitcase, a carry-on bag, and several tote bags all for a weekend getaway (fun fact: I’ve managed to go a whole week in London in just a single carry-on and I’ve even flown domestically with just a personal item). The bad news is that this does not seem humanely possible for me to do for over a year. I have two luggage packed, my carry-on, and my personal item, and it’s looking like a third piece of luggage will be in the cards. But what’s in all of these bags, you may ask?

In addition to the must-have items I’ll be packing (more on that next week), there are a lot of travel clothes—staples that can be mixed and matched, as well as practical options that I can wear across seasons. Not to mention my favourite shoes and accessories…because you can’t go wrong with those! 

So, what’s going into my luggage? Let’s get started (and keep checking back because I’ll update this post regularly with new additions!).

Laws of Motion: The Chicest of Travel Clothes

Moxie Romper (in White)

I love a well-made romper, and the Moxie Romper has me obsessed. First of all, being around 180 centimetres tall (5 feet and 11 inches) with a long torso, finding a romper that fits is next to impossible. I’m constantly sizing up by two sizes and asking my poor grandmother to take in the waist, so that I can have the correct length—or, better yet, coming home with fabric and a pattern and asking her to help me make one custom, from scratch.

Because Laws of Motion makes everything exactly to your size, you can be sure that every piece of clothing ordered from them will fit you like a glove. This particular design features a deep V-neck, spirited shorts, and a seamless back zip, all made of machine-washable lightweight crepe. Gorgeous, right?

Midi Slip Dress (in Satin Black)

Meet the Midi Slip Dress, an entire outfit that meets all my needs. The sustainably silky dress is crafted with a flattering design, featuring adjustable straps, a contemporary V-neckline, and a calf-length cut that’s perfect for nights around town, whether in the summer or autumn.

The best part? I can machine wash this on a cold cycle and lay it flat to dry, meaning there’s no need to find a dry cleaner and spend more money to look cute throughout my trip.

Unbound Merino: Temperature-Regulating Go-Tos

Women's Merino Transit Quarter Zip (in Dark Teal)

People love merino wool for its natural ability to regulate temperature, making it ideal for year-round wear. It offers warmth in cooler conditions while staying breathable and moisture-wicking in warmer weather, ensuring adaptability across different climates. That’s why I’ll wear Unbound Merino's Transit Quarter Zip over a sundress on my flight from Toronto to Calabria; it’ll keep me comfortable during transit without being too cold in the air-conditioned plane or too hot in the airport before I depart or during my layover.

Women's Slim Merino Long Sleeve V-Neck (in Charcoal)

This long-sleeve shirt offers extraordinary performance throughout the cooler months. Its slim-fitted silhouette allows for effortless layering, making it versatile enough to mix and match with countless outfits while I’m away. Plus, because it’s made of quick-drying Merino wool fabric, it ensures you stay comfortable all day.

Who would have guessed that this shirt's casual, logo-free style could be so versatile, seamlessly blending into any wardrobe? (Plus, Merino wool's antibacterial properties mean less washing is required. Lightweight and packable, it's an ideal companion for travel, promising convenience without sacrificing style or performance for weekend trips around Europe from my home base).

Beyond by Vera: Feminine Italian-Inspired Prints

1545 Chloe in Positano Lemon

Beyond by Vera is a shop that captured my attention both as someone who loves pretty and feminine dresses, as as someone who appreciates art. All of Beyond’s prints are first hand-drawn by their designer, Vera, along with her team of textile designers, before being printed onto the fabric. Screen-printing is a meticulous art, where—in the case of fashion—original paintings and colours could potentially have to be adjusted many times before it ‘translates’ properly onto the fabric to bring the intended design vision to life.

That said, the Chloe dress is the perfect piece for holiday somewhere warm and full of sunshine; the piece itself screams seaside getaway! I personally love the V-neck, flutter sleeves, and short hemline, as well as the fact that it has fitted self-tie waist—not to mention that it can be great for casual walks around small towns as much as it can be dressed up for something a little fancier.

This dress is made from a soft, breathable cotton cambric fabric that will keep you cool on a hot summer day (AKA, when I’ll be scorching under the summer sun in Italy). It was also inspired by a sun-drenched beach day, with the screen printed artwork referencing the sorbet-coloured beach umbrellas dotting Positano's coastline! How cute!

1532 Leni in Grand Villa Rose

The Leni dress is so comfortable, yet stylish and feminine with a universally flattering loose cut that is accentuated by subtle pleats and a ruffled hem. Like the Chloe dress, Leni is made from a soft, breathable cotton cambric fabric that will keep you cool, yet the print artwork on this dress channels opulent garden parties held in the grand villas of Lake Como. Literal perfection, if you ask me.

Vessi: Footwear for All Weather Conditions

Weekender (in White)

It’s no secret that I love my waterproof footwear and stand by how great these products are (I wrote an entire article dedicated to Vessi shoes earlier this year). Whether you're strolling through puddles, hiking up a mountain, or even rinsing your shoes in a lake by swishing your feet around, the Weekend sneaker is the way to go. This sneaker embodies effortless cool with its laid-back silhouette and timeless white colour that can go with anything from linen shorts to floral sundresses.

Over the coming year, I’ll be taking them to the beach without worrying about them getting wet (they’re designed for it) as much as I will for long walks around new destinations. If they get dirty, I can give them a quick rinse-off, and they’re good to go for your next adventure.

Chelsea Boots (in Shiitake)

I chose the Chelsea Boots on a recommendation, specifically for their ability to repel snow and keep my feet extra warm when paired with thicker socks. They're the perfect choice for winter in Milan, where there isn't much snow, but the weather can still be chilly. They're surprisingly lightweight compared to my usual heavy combat-style winter boots, making them an essential item to pack for my upcoming trip, and can be easily brought along with me for any wintery trip I take.

All in All

In preparing for my upcoming move, I've learned that packing for over a year is quite a challenge. From mastering the art of minimalism as best as possible to grappling with the idea of bringing multiple suitcases, my packing strategies are evolving. At the very least, I’m learning to pack smarter.

Are there any other items I should bring with me, whether to wear or to make my life easier in Europe? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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06 jun

You’ve got some great outfits picked out. Have a wonderful time in Europe! I visited there in highschool and loved the environment!

Me gusta

Catherine K
Catherine K
04 jun

Great article! Your tips on packing versatile and lightweight clothing are spot on.

Me gusta

Barbie Ritzman
Barbie Ritzman
04 jun

Thanks for the great list. I tend to pack a lot and always will. I learned early on it is better to have it and not want it, then to want it and not have it.

Me gusta

03 jun

Great tips on clothing. Very realistic and versitle clothes!

Me gusta

Richard Lowe Jr
Richard Lowe Jr
03 jun

Your selection of travel clothes seems very appropriate. I am sure that someone who travels will find them useful.

Me gusta
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