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TraveLibro: My Favourite Travel App

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

After using TraveLibro for several months now, I can easily say that it has quickly become my #1 travel app. I talk more about why below!

This shot was taken from my hotel in Trivandrum, India.

If on a computer, send yourself the following link, to download from your smartphone:


As you've probably been able to tell by my recent shares on Facebook and story posts on Instagram, I have been using TraveLibro for several months now and  can easily say that it has quickly become my #1 travel app. It's the ideal spot for joining a community of like-minded and inspirational travellers; this amazing online group of globetrotters come from across the world,  sharing their stories in real-time on this perfect and easy to use platform.

Much like a travel journal, TraveLibro is a great way to look back on your memories from all of your trips.

Everything you post can be sorted by exact destinations or by a trips as a whole (as an example, I have one just focused on my first time visiting the UK!); after your trip is over and you're wanting your next trip to be travelling down memory lane (pun definitely intended, haha), you can easily navigate the app to your previous travels and go through, in detail, all of the media you had previously uploaded to it. In fact, I've already begun sharing exclusive pictures and videos on the app while in Poland (and other parts of Europe) for the next few weeks, and will be posting about my upcoming trip to Alberta, Canada in the weeks afterward! I love that I'm able to look back on these trips with ease -- not to mention that when people ask me how my trip is going, I can just send them the link to my profile, so that they can see for themselves.

There's also an option to forward your real-time posts to other important linked social media accounts, like Twitter or Facebook, when posting to the TraveLibro app. By doing this, before I even really began following anyone on the app, I found myself gaining so many likes and even comments directly on my TraveLibro postings! Let me tell you, it's a great way to ease my family's mind while I'm on the go and far away from home.

They can constantly be updated with what it is that I'm doing while abroad and see the incredible things that I am seeing as they're happening. It has also created a space for other travellers that I love to further grow their following and to connect with fellow influencers around the world -- and I can see what it is that they're doing during their travels in real-time.

While I'm at home in Toronto, a great feature that I like to use is sharing my local life. While exploring around my own city, TraveLibro gives me the opportunity to share my favourites restaurants, places to hang out, and things to do around the city. If you're from out of town and wanting to visit Toronto like a local, be sure to check out this part of my profile!

Give me a follow at @WanderousAffair -- if you comment your username below, I'll be sure to follow you all back.

Happy travels, and see you all on TraveLibro!



*Originally posted on Emulating Emily


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