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The Fairytale Town: Uncovering Bremen, Germany

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

After getting an amazing bargain, traveller Toti Miasto made his way to Bremen, Germany. Here, he uncovered the amazing sights that this fairytale city has to offer.

Are you looking for a small town escape? Do you seek a closed space that’s relaxed and peaceful, where you can spend a day or two out of the chaos of urban city centres? Bremen is the city where you will find all the standard luxuries of a metropolitan area, but with the laidback beauty of the countryside. Though Bremen is certainly not the biggest city in the world, it certainly is one of the most charming in Europe.

In this city nestled in northern Germany, you will not find a lot of tourists; it is not as crowded as Hamburg, Munich, or Berlin, but it still undoubtedly worthy of a visit. Even the flight tickets to Bremen are cheap, and you will find bargains on them year round.

The Fairytale Town

Bremen is named ‘The Fairytale Town’, a name coming from the long-standing fairytale traditions that gave fame to this city. Bremen is not in Bavaria, but is nonetheless the second most populous city in Northern Germany. This place is located close to the sea, possessing the biggest port, and is in a seemingly eternal conflict with Hamburg (called ‘Bremerhaven’).

In the middle of the city, there is the Weser river, which gives the city an authentic landmark. The life of Bremer surrounds its river, as well as the small and historic city center. This city has a long history, thought to be 1200 years and dating back to Karl der Große, or Charles the Great. It was predominantly known as a liberal city, and thanks to the infamous Grimm Brothers, is also known for its fantastical fairytales. As well, you can find the Bremen Town Musicians: a statue paying tribute to the 1819 Grimm Brothers’ story of four aging domestic animals, who (after a lifetime of labour) are set aside and mistreated by those who were once their masters. The lots decides to run away and become the town’s musicians, in the city of Bremen.

The city center of Bremen is small and is completely walkable. There is an efficient transport system, and you can travel from the Airport to the city center (which is a short 3.5 km away) in just twenty minutes. The city is rich in markets, with a competitive local distribution. Try some of the typical food in Bremen -- you will fall in love!

What’s more, during the Christmas season, Bremen hosts one of the most beautiful markets on the continent. If you’re there during this time, you should definitely check this out.


The Main Sightseeing of Bremen

The core of the city is the Marktplatz, which has become culturally rich and crucial to Germany life, thanks to the river and the trading of goods. The marketplace is still located in the same spot within the Marktplatz, established in 1537. Here you can find the old bank, pharmacy, and the original houses and customs of the people. The square is just two minutes away from the riverside, and as aforementioned, is the center of old trade routes, as well as a newage meeting point.

The city centre is also where you can discover another main attraction point for tourists and locals alike, as it is rich with both clubs and bars. Their thrilling nightlife is located here, and it is from this area as well, that you can easily visit the city by boat, thanks to their boat tours. These tours run every hour, and are quite cheap when compared to other touristic locations around Europe.

The boat tour is amazing and will give you another perspective of lovely Bremen. This city was initially off of our radar, and probably was from yours as well; you won’t find a lot of details on the web explaining how beautiful this city is, and it’s unfortunately not sponsored touristically.


Shopping and Food

The Bremen town Hall is another sightseeing point to check out. It’s extremely beautiful architecture, both outside and in, are full of amazing details, made almost entirely of wood. This includes the stairs and statues within the building. Our guide, Sonja, showed us the interior of the town hall and thoroughly explained the deep history, as well as the details and the secrets behind its fascinating story.

When you make your way along the main street, going through the main square of the Marktplatz from the cathedral (which is similar to Paris’ Notre Dame, but with small differences in style), you can find the main shopping strip; this area is full of shops and has a couple of shopping centers. Here you will also find two markets -- one of these is just for flowers (which is located just behind the cathedral), and is worth to visit, as it is quick to get through, but impressive to see. The second market is about 500 metres away from the town hall, where you will find typical local foods at cheap prices.


Visit The Schnoor

Everywhere you walk in Bremen will tell you a story. Fairytales are (metaphorically) etched within the city’s cobblestone pathways, on the walls of the buildings, and within the landscape itself. The best way to meet the fairytales of this city face-to-face is to visit the Schnoor, a little ‘town’ of sorts within the larger city. Located on the Werder River, the narrow streets and tiny buildings help to give this part of the city a fairytale aura. It is here that you will find an old tea shop with three floors in a small space; buy an ice cream and take some good shots on the colorful and small tiny streets.


We decided to visit this medieval town based on three factors: First, the distance from London, as it is less than an hour away from the English capital where we are currently based. Since we work throughout the week and only have weekends off right now, it had to be a short trip closer to home. Second, how cheap was the flight was. Thanks to an airline bargain, we purchased our tickets for £13 each (return!), so we didn’t break the bank. Third, because we looked at the photos of the city on Instagram and online, and fell in love with the glamour and the charm of it.

So yes, pack up your luggage and book the next flight to Bremen. You will instantly fall in love with it!


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