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Free Falling (Kinda)

A couple years ago, my dad took us to iFly Toronto a the coolest Christmas gift EVER! Check out today's post for more information on what it was like, and how you can book a package for yourself.

A shot of me mid-flight at iFly Toronto!

As an early Christmas present back in 2015, my dad took us to iFLY Toronto (actually on the border of Mississauga and Oakville) to go indoor skydiving. It was such a cool experience! My best friend had gone about five years ago in Montréal and ever since I heard about it, I've been wanting to try it out myself. Since opening a location in Toronto, I had been set on going.

Supposedly, it feels exactly as it would if you were actually skydiving. I had never been real skydiving at the time (and unfortunately, I've still not been since), so I can't confirm this claim, but I think it makes sense. I did the Xtreme Skyflyer at Canada's Wonderland twice when I was in high school and surprisingly, that feeling of butterflies in your stomach is so fleeting -- it's almost as if your body immediately adapts to the fact that you're plummeting to what it assumes to be your death and you come to only feel a rush of adrenaline. With iFLY, you don't get that butterfly feeling either, but you do feel like you're actually falling for the one to two minutes that you're in the wind tunnel, with well over 200km/hour of wind rushing at your body from the grated ground below. It's so awesome! At the end of the session, if the instructor thinks you're steady enough to do so, (for $10 extra) he'll take you spinning up to the very top of the tunnel, with the wind speed increased drastically. I would highly recommend it... it's way too much fun to pass up.

I think I need to take my friends here for their birthday or Christmas or something, just to have an excuse to do it again! You can click here to see all the different flight packages that they have available. I believe we had done the middle package, consisting of four flights. It's a decent amount for your first time -- it starts to get a little overwhelming if you spend too much time, especially if you're unable to master the positioning of your body to take off from the ground, as I found some people did in my group.

Have you ever gone indoor or outdoor skydiving? What was your experience like? If you haven't, would you ever try it? Let me know in the comments!



P.S. Keep your mouth closed while you're in there, unless you want your saliva all over your face. And it's advisable to go when you're not suffering from allergies for basically the same reason (TMI, sorry). Still great, though. ;-)

*Originally posted on Emulating Emily


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