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Must-Have Travel Products to Bring When Moving Abroad

Updated: Jun 10

Here's Wanderous Affair's ultimate list of must-have travel products for a seamless move abroad. From versatile skincare products to travel-sized essentials, we've got you covered!
5 stray dogs propping themselves up on a short, crumbling wall in the desert, watching a caravan of camels walk toward the pyramids in Giza.

I already told you about the travel clothes I’m bringing to move abroad, so now it’s time to talk about the other must-have travel products I'll bring with me for the next year.

That said, there are a lot of things I want to bring along with me, but I obviously can’t pack them all. Thus, narrowing down the most necessary is unavoidable. So, what’s making the cut and can be found in my luggage? Let’s take a look.

Matte Equation’s Quantum Mud Mask

Matte Equation's Quantum Mud Mask. Photo courtesy of Matte Equation.

Meet the Quantum Mud Mask by Matte Equation—my ultimate skincare companion and one of the only cosmetic items I’ll be bringing from Canada. This luxurious blend effortlessly elevates my skincare routine, combining exfoliation, purification, and revitalization for a refreshed and youthful complexion. Crafted with Manicouagan Clay, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, and other premium ingredients, it soothes, moisturizes, and protects, making it perfect for maintaining my skin's health during my travels.

The Matte Equation brand promotes mindfulness and wellness, ensuring I look and feel my best throughout my journey abroad. It’s also compact and easy to pack, making it an essential part of my skincare arsenal, delivering a luminous complexion and balanced living wherever I go.

The Foldie

There is absolutely no denying how awesome The Foldie® 4.0 is. From the moment I opened the parcel and started checking out its many zippers, compartments, and features, I knew this would be the perfect bag to bring along with me on my travels this year. First of all, it can expand with a simple unzip of the bottom, but will always be the perfect size for a personal item that can easily slide under your plane seat. Then there’s the easy-access passport slot on the outside of the trolley sleeve, which allows you to slip The Foldie onto your carry-on as you roll along without worrying about it being taken or falling off.

The Foldie 4.0. Photo courtesy of Foldie.

Once I arrive in Italy though, I’ll be able to take this bag with me to the beach too, adding or removing the detachable shoulder strap as needed and throwing in my wet bathing suit into the waterproof interior pocket. Oh, and did I mention the outside fabric is also water-resistant (and tear-resistant with double-stitching)?

When I’m ready to move on to the next place, I can fold it up, pop it in another bag, and stash it for later use. Its name is pretty self-explanatory, huh?

35mm Co.’s The Reloader® and Coffee Table Photo Album

35mm Co.’s The Reloader® and Coffee Table Photo Album. Photo courtesy of 35mm Co.

As someone who loved shooting in film (and even developing my own photos back in high school), the fact that film cameras are making a comeback has made me so excited! However, when I showed my Gen Z cousins the Reloader® Reusable Film Camera I’ll be bringing with me, they thought it was a cool concept.

“Wait, what’s film?”

“But how do you make the pictures come out?”

“How does the picture even get onto that roll?”

“How do you know if the picture turned out or not?”

After some explaining about capturing images on film, the process of developing said film, and then printing them out on photo paper to add to The 35mm Co. Coffee Table Photo Album I was also gifted, it was like they had a glimpse into what my own childhood was like. After all, doesn’t everyone in their 30s or older remember the flash of your parent’s film camera as you posed for them, and later flipping through family photo albums?

I’m so excited to return this classic and relive the excitement of discovering how my photos turned out only when I’m sent back the images themselves!


The STNKY bag in Forest Green. Photo courtesy of STNKY.

First of all, how clever is their name, for a company that sells laundry bags? Okay, they're not just laundry bags, they're a lot more than that.

The STNKY Bag Pro lock in germs, odours, and moisture, and allow for no-touch washing. You simply open the top zipper, put in all your clothes and gear; when you're ready to wash everything, unzip the bottom zipper and everything will come out in a 'laundry delicates bag' of sorts, so that both the clothes and the bag itself get properly washed. So long as everything can be thrown in the dryer, you can put the entire bag in the dryer as well! The STNKY is made of high quality and durable materials, which make it able to wash and dry on high temperatures without compromising the bag itself.

Personally, I'm bringing the STNKY Bag Pro XL, which is enough to fit all the clothing I would wear on a long weekend trip. It's perfect for little getaways I'll be taking during my time away!

P.S. Gym-goers love putting their gym clothes in these bags, and people in the the medical field often use their STNKY for their scrubs!

P.P.S. Canadian friends, you can buy the STNKY Bag Pro from this link!

Beam Paints’ Vacation Kits

Beam Paints’ Vacation Kits. Photo courtesy of Beam Paints.

In the true height of living my dolce far niente dreams, creating art is a must. A couple of years ago, my cousin showed me Beam Paints, an incredible Indigenous-owned business near M'Chigeeng First Nation on Manitoulin Island in my home province of Ontario. In addition to producing high-quality pigments for artist materials and doing so with plastic-free packaging, the options they have for travelling are quite plentiful!

Watercolour paintings on postcards
Some of my watercolour postcards from 2023's adventures.

Before I left for my big trip last year, I packed one of Beam Paints’ Vacation Kits with me and painted postcards to send to my friends and family in every country—Egypt, Italy, and Malta. I enjoyed the peace that painting with watercolours gave me and want to continue bringing these paints with me throughout all my travels over the coming months; thus, Beam Paints paint stones are a given to pack in my luggage. In fact, they go in my carry-on, so I can even use them on my flight.

(Note: This item was neither gifted to me nor a paid partnership, but I genuinely love their products and want to emphasize the importance of supporting Indigenous creators here on Turtle Island!)

All in All

As I pack everything for the coming year, narrowing down the most important things has been challenging. After all, I’m used to having all my things at my disposal, and now I have to pick and choose what fits in my limited luggage space. The above items, though (of course), were easy picks.

However, are there any other items I should bring along with me? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


9 commentaires

6 days ago

That's an idea: a stinky bag pro. And the watercolor kit!!!


Stephanie Grillo
Stephanie Grillo
11 juin

So I won't be living abroad anytime soon but I have to have that 'Stinky Bag Pro' for our outdoor adventures. Enjoy your travels!


Renata Feyen
Renata Feyen
11 juin

That's a very comprehensive list of essential travel products for moving abroad, making it an invaluable resource if you are planning an international relocation.


Barbie Ritzman
Barbie Ritzman
10 juin

This is a great post for anyone who travels a lot and wants to keep up with their skincare routine! I love that the Matte Equation mask sounds so versatile - exfoliating, purifying, and moisturizing all in one. Perfect for simplifying your routine on the go. The Foldie bag also seems like such a smart way to keep your passport handy and secure.


Marysa Nicholson
Marysa Nicholson
10 juin

Great items for traveling and moving! When I travel, I am always seeking out the products that will make life easier. I wasn't familiar with these and they are all so useful.

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