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Travel Must Haves

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

I've compiled a list of my must-haves while travelling, including tips & tricks for using the products. Today's post features some of the best quality brands I've come across, who offer super convenient products.

Taken while wandering the beautiful Roman-turned-Medieval town of Chester in England.

While packing for my trip to the United Kingdom, I compiled a list of all my travel must-haves to share with you guys! I had the privilege of trying out and bringing all of these products with me during my trip and they made my travels significantly easier. I’m going to go through each of them below, and include tips & tricks, pros, and cons of using them. I’ve also included links to all products and company websites in the subheadings of each. 📷

When I found out that my personal information can be stolen by someone passing within 10 feet of me with an RFID reader (which criminals can purchase on eBay for as little as $8!), I became a little bit paranoid. This information can be stolen from credit and debit cards and government-issued IDs like passports. Needless to say, as a frequent traveller wanting to protect my identification as much as possible, I went on the hunt for an RFID protected wallet that would protect my identity, have a convenient amount of space, and also have a cute design.

I came across this gorgeous anti-skimming passport wallet was on the MochiThings website and I knew I had to have it! It has a cute design and comes in a variety of colour options.

The durable material makes it the perfect travel accessory for everyone and anyone to use. What’s more, it fits everything you’ll need to bring on the plane with you! From bills and a map, a side pocket for my plane ticket and receipts, and a right side pocket for my passport, a pen, and two extra pockets for cards and additional receipts! This wallet (which I got in the wine colour) is the ideal way to keep all your travel essentials securely in one easy-to-access place.


Capturing the beauty of Conwy, Wales.

I recently found out through x-rays done with my chiropractor that I have early onset arthritis; this made sense, considering all the pain that I’ve felt in my neck and lower back in recent years, as well as the pain I constantly get in  my knee… but I digress. That being said however, I realized that it was high time I switch to carrying my camera around on my day-long photography excursions in a more ergonomic way.

I came across an advertisement for the Envy Camera Harness while browsing Facebook one day and I instantly imaged how amazing it would be to have a full day of photography without the strain on my neck.

I could enjoy a hike without holding my giant, heavy camera in my hands, because the harness is an elasticized system for carrying your camera in comfort, with the weight evenly distributed over your shoulders and back, as opposed to all the weight hanging off of your neck.

The Envy Straps camera harness gave me convenient access to your camera, and I was able to quickly pick it up and capture images whenever I needed. When you’re travelling, beautiful sceneries pop up unexpectedly, and you have to be able to grab your camera and capture these moments in a split second — especially in a place as beautiful as the United Kingdom.

I felt confident using this system and by the end of my trip, I can confirm that it had kept my camera safe and secure against my body for the entirety of my trip, as well as took all the weight off your neck and eliminated that awful neck strain I so often get from long days of photography. I used the harness with Envy Straps’ beautiful scarf strap for extra protection (and, I won’t lie to you, so I looked cute while gallivanting around these new cities taking pictures). Every scarf straps comes with the Envy quick release buckle system, which allows for a quick change from one strap to another. It’s equipped with standard 3/8” attachment webbing and fits all types of DSLRs; this is perfect for when I use my different cameras while at home in Toronto, depending on what I’m shooting that day. Even without the harness, the scarf is good for shorter excursions, as the material of this strap can be spread out over your shoulders and neck, so the weight isn’t all focused on one area.

You can see their full video on how to use the harness, as well as using in in combination with the neck straps, by clicking here.


Ready to head to England! Here I am at Toronto's Pearson Airport.

If you thought the convenience that Envy Straps provides ends at camera accessories, you were wrong. Along with the camera harness and scarf strap mentioned above, I also brought along with me three other travel straps.

As suggested on their website, I stashed the Envy Jacket Clip in my purse for when I needed it while going through airport security. I was able to easily and securely hang my coat and scarf off my carry on bag without it interfering with the function of my actual carry-on. I quickly dropped both the bag and attached jacket/scarf into the airport security bins and when they came out on the other side, grabbed the one carry-on strap, slung it over my shoulder, and walked away without having to fumble with readjusting the position of my jacket over my carry-on bags or trying to tie it around my waist while I ran to my gate. Its small and compact design left me easily stowing it away once in the cold temperature of the plane until I needed it next.

I’m actually obsessed with this strap, and it seems other people were, too — two people coming through customs alongside me asked where I got it from (while they struggled to juggle their carry on, personal item, winter coat and scarf)!

Likewise, the Luggage Strap (coordinated with my Jacket Strap) offered me a massive relief — I always wonder if my luggage zipper will last because I have an awful habit of packing my suitcase so full that I need someone to sit on top of it while I zip it up. This luggage strap provides me with the added security of knowing that my luggage would remain secure from the moment I clipped it around the suitcase at home to the moment I opened it up at my friends’ house in England.

I also brought along my Envy Water Bottle Strap, which proved a convenience both in the airport as well as during my actual trip. To bring with me on the plane, I stashed my empty insulated water bottle in the strap (which I tied to my carry on), and didn’t have to think about where my bottle was once I exited security and went to Starbucks to fill with ice and water for the plane ride. I read from multiple sources how disgusting water from inside an airplane can be, so I decided not to risk drinking plane water and instead filled up my own water prior to boarding.

While actually on my trip, I easily slung my Water Bottle Strap over my shoulders and carried it around on my day-to-day excursions, never having to stress about where my water bottle was, or having to worry about having my hands occupied while exploring and taking pictures of the new, incredible places that I was visiting.


I loved experimenting with my fisheye lens around downtown Manchester!

It might sound strange, but I have a serious issue with the rose gold colour of my iPhone being covered up. When I found that the Hitcase Shield Link phone case (a phone case I have heard so many amazing things about) came in rose gold, I was all too excited. It’s pretty obvious that I’m an avid traveller and when you combine this with the fact that I’m generally a clumsy person, it’s evident that I need a phone case that’s durable… Just ask the last nearly 10 phones I’ve have since 2008 all of which died under “mysterious circumstances”.

Made of high-quality lightweight aluminum Built-in magnetic Link™ Mount System, the Shield Link case is strong, reliable, and attaches instantly and easily to mounts (which I talk about in the section below). It comes with the Hitcase Shockseal Waterproof rating of 10 feet and a drop proof rating of 10 feet…

In case you were wondering, those are the two “mysterious circumstances” that always led my phones to meet their fateful demises. These cases come with a replaceable screen protection as well as a port plug and Touch ID access.

I also enjoy using the Crio phone case. Despite it not being “everything proof”, it’s fully compatible with the whole Link™ Mount System, is quite impressively lightweight, while the rubber the case is made of gives it enough protection for regular day-to-day use. This low profile photography case actually enhances my iPhone’s regular 4k camera capabilities once I integrate the Hitcase lenses, which you can seamlessly attach or remove on the go!

Both of these phone cases also allow for lens attachments, which I was all to eager to use, as well.

I loved how easy it was for me to get creative with a Hitcase TrueLUX® Lens Kit! I was able to easily interchange lenses on my Hitcase Shield Link phone case; this kit came with both the lenses I wanted to really have some fun with phone photography. Not only was I able to take photos in macro and superwide angles, but I was able to capture stunning videos, too (more on that in the section below)! From super tight shots with the Macro lens to extra wide action shots with the Superwide, I was capturing crisp, quality content for my social media and blog with lenses that I could trust.

The Hitcase Lens Kit really is an incredible accessory for travellers on vacation. Their compact and lightweight lenses easily twist on, while protecting your iPhone in any conditions: the salty sand on the beach, humid rain forest air, on the slopes with snow falling all around you, or even while romping around a Christmas Market in the middle of a quaint English town. Regardless of the location, like me, you will still be able to record outdoor wide angle shots or a closeups of the intricate details one always finds on their adventures.


Navigating our way to York from Northwich with ease!

5. Car/Wall Mount and ShootR (monopod) by HitCase:

Along with my fancy “pretty-much-everything” proof phone case and the accompanying lenses, I needed to actually use my phone in action. Cue the entry of the Car Mount and the ShootR monopod for action cam use.

The former, which attaches to any flat surface or car vent and leaves behind no adhesive residue, is perfect for so many things that I can’t begin to list them all. My top three favourite uses for the easily removable and washable mount include:

  • Attaching to the car vent to easily see my phone GPS (or, as they call it in the UK, my “SatNav”)

  • To navigate my music while driving

  • Propping up the phone on the counter to watch YouTube or Netflix while doing my makeup

  • Propping up my camera on a flat surface to record myself handsfree while FaceTiming back home while I’m on my travels

The ShootR is the ideal for anything from a simple selfie with a group of friends, to positioning your phone in cool angles for the best action shot. It’s light, compact, waterproof, and durable, making it perfect for all my shooting needs (in any weather conditions) while travelling.

When shortened to its most compact form, the ShootR fits in your pocket, but once extended, it can stretch out to 18.5 inches (47cm).


I love how soft this shirt is! I can't get enough of it.

6. Clothing and Accessories by Sevenly:

As a avid volunteer and advocate for equality, I could not have been more excited to wear Sevenly’s clothing on my trip. In fact, I wore my favourite of their collections — the Dream Bigger flowy long sleeve tee — to Toronto Pearson airport so that I could land in England in style, and with a positive statement.

Moreover, all of their products are actually ethically sourced. As their website explains: “Sevenly products are ‘fair trade’, ‘slave labor free’, and ‘child labor free.’

The United States Department of Labor explains that, ‘the Fair Trade program is primarily aimed at ensuring a ‘fair’ price for producers at the bottom of the supply chain, but producers must also meet child labor, forced labor and other labor standards in order to earn the ‘Fair Trade’ label.’ Therefore, when Sevenly commits to sourcing only Fair Trade products, we are committed to eliminating all forms of slave labor and sweatshop practices in our supply chain.” How amazing is that?!

Sevenly donates $7 from each purchase that you make to different charities. You can “shop causes” by clicking the link in the navigation bar at the the top of their landing page; once here, you can find clothing and accessories that support a cause that you’re passionate about. If you’re anything like me, it’s extremely difficult to narrow down a specific cause to support, and chances are, you’ll be selecting various items that support various charities. It’s okay though, because it’s all for the betterment of the world that we live in, and for the people that we share this beautiful planet with.

For more information on how they work, watch their video by clicking here.

If you’re interested in which items I picked up, you can find the products here:


Have you tried out any of these products? If so, what did you think of them and which was your favourite? What are your must-have items while travelling? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy travels! ♥



*This post has been sponsored by all the brands listed above, but all reviews are honest and my own

**Originally posted on Emulating Emily


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