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Vintage Prom

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Two of the lovely ladies I spent my actual (2012) prom with. We clearly were trying to relive it half a decade later.

This was an event that I was beyond excited for: the Third Annual Vintage Prom, hosted at the Great Hall located at 1087 Queen Street West. I was so into it that I actually made my own dress (with the help of my nonna, of course) by tweaking a 1957 Vogue pattern to look like a gown Grace Kelly once wore.

The dress turned out amazingly and I was more than excited to wear it, but my thick and too-long hair encumbered any chances of me styling my hair in two perfect victory rolls. I didn't get the whole look I was aiming for, but I digress. What did make my ensemble that much more pulled together though, was this amazing waist trainer than I got from Amazon! It brought me in to the perfect shape that I wanted.

As my (pretty unenthused) date/best friend and I made our way to the venue from our parking spot a few streets down, I immediately felt like a bit of a loser. I mean, I was wearing a Grace Kelly replica dress that cost me more money and time than a normal person would be willing to spend, walking past club-goers on a busy Toronto street to a vintage prom. I couldn't help but ask myself if I was unconsciously trying to relive my high school days. The answer? I'm actually not certain, but probably to come degree [I mean, three of my high school friends came along, too (pictured above)].

Once I entered the venue though, I didn't feel nearly as awkward -- the majority of the other people attending were far more into the vintage vibes than I was.

Nonetheless, I think my dancing wasn't all that bad when I finally dragged myself to the dance floor toward the end of the night. I know this is the case because I didn't feel like a complete fool and literally only had one drink (normally I would need about 5 or 6 to start dancing, and I'd still feel pretty self-conscious about my lack of rhythm).

So, overall... Would I recommend Vintage Prom 2018? I'd say that because this is a relatively new event (this was only the third year), it will probably improve more with each run through. I would definitely suggest brushing up on your 1950s dance moves, perfecting your entire ensemble, and make sure your date has done the same if you plan on winning prom king and queen. Also, I feel that the event should be more specific to "1940s/50s" prom, rather than just vintage. There were people there dressed as if it were the '80s, and that kind of threw off the whole feel.

I probably won't go again, unless my cousin comes along with me who loves vintage things and would be willing to dance all night, but I really can't see myself having any other reason to go.

Do you know of any other cool events similar to this in Toronto or the GTA? Let me know in the comments!



*Originally posted on Emulating Emily


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